New Toys for the Coming New Year: The Best Awe-Inspiring Gifts That You Can Give To Your Kids

Each year, toy trends change and this fact sends you, as parents, scrambling to provide your children with new toys to play with next year. Since the holidays are approaching, this is the ideal time to shop for awe-inspiring gifts for your kids that include the latest in toys. Luckily, All Tots Treasures has a wide assortment of items in our ‘What’s New’ section for your consideration. With the help of our website, you will finish your children’s holiday shopping quickly, and this will allow you time to relax before the festivities take place.

Examples of the Toys in Our ‘What’s New’ Section

1. Sunny Bunny Huggie by O.B. Designs will bring hours of hugs and comfort for all the children who are lucky enough to receive this stuffed bunny as a gift. From its head to its toes, the bunny measures 33 cm and its body is made of a super-plush fabric. The head contains soft stuffing while beads are in the legs, belly and arms.

2. The Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym by Skip Hop offers baby-safe entertainment for kids ages zero+. Gym includes a pillow that is ideal for tummy time and an activity mat with four soft arches, and these provide overhead activities including five hanging animals and 13 loops. The mat also provides tactile elements. As a result, your child will enjoy a multi-sensory experience with this gym.

3. Early Melodies Pound and Tap Bench by Hape Toys helps kids age one+ years develop their fine motor skills. It comes with a hammer bench, a hammer, a metal xylophone and three wooden balls. As the children make their music and sounds with this toy, they further develop their eye-hand coordination while delighting in the auditory and visual input.

4. How to Draw Kits by Tiger Tribe are available in different themes, such as Wild Kingdom for just one example. The kits come with an instruction book that illustrates each step for the children to take to draw their artwork in an ideal manner. In addition, the kit contains one draw book, a 50-page sketchpad, coloured pencils, one eraser and a pencil sharpener. Recommended for ages five+ years.

5. Juggling Balls by Professor Murphy’s will help older children learn how to mesmerise an audience with their juggling skills. This selection includes an easy-to-follow instruction book that offers 10 juggling tricks and three multi-coloured balls along with various techniques and tips. Recommended for ages eight+ years.

Remember to check out all of our offerings on our site when you browse through it to learn other new toys for the coming year along with a wide selection of other products. Delight your children this holiday season with gifts from All Tots Treasures.

Avoid the Holiday Rush: Shop Online for Babies’ and Children’s Gifts with All Tots Treasures

One of the best ways to avoid the holiday rush is to shop online. And when shopping for baby and children’s gifts, time and stress free shopping is essential for enjoying the season. In addition, there are various benefits and advantages to Internet shopping.

Close at Hand

When it comes to buying gifts for babies and children, even the numerous isles in the department store can be overwhelming. Not only is everyone shopping at the same time but it can be hard to contain your kids with all the over stimulating selections available. As well, a common scenario is the store involves massive crowds and waiting in long lines. And to top it off, you have to try and keep your kids gifts in hiding if they come along with you. Otherwise, you have to go back to the store later in hopes that the gifts are still on the shelf.

However, shopping online is a stress free experience. While your kids are playing and keeping busy, you can easily shop for their favorite gifts. No longer do you have to deal with the crowds, stand in line or take the chance of your kids seeing the gifts. As well, the convenience of shopping is close at hand and can be done when time allows.

A Huge Variety

One of the greatest benefits of an online shop is that they are able to carry a lot of stock. This is very beneficial for the shopper. In fact, the likelihood of finding what you want is great. And if you are not sure what to get, the variety is so vast that you will get plenty of ideas just browsing the site. For instance, All Tots Treasures has more than 100 name brands like 3 Sprouts, 4 Little Ducks, BabyZoo, Bubba Chew, Dickie Toys, Discovery Kids, Etch A Sketch, Klein, MyBaby, ThinkFun, Yumbox and many more. As well, you can find many name brands that are sustainable and toxic free such as EverEarth, Green Toys and All4Ella. All Tots Treasures also has numerous categories to make it easy to find the perfect baby’ and children’s gift. Some of the categories include personalized gifts, décor, for baby, for kids, arts and crafts, wooden toys, educational toys and playtime toys.

Excellent Prices

Because online shops can carry a lot of inventory, they are able to offer much lower prices. As well, an online shop has fewer expenses such as rental fees, utility bills and a large staff. This also helps reduce the product cost for their customers.

At All Tots Treasures, you can find exactly what you want at a very reasonable price. And with better savings, you will feel pleased in knowing you found a great deal.

Why Quality Wooden Toys are The Best for Babies

Each year there are new toys and games for play and education. Many of these items are characterized by complex plastic pieces or mechanical structures. There are also toys that have a specific purpose like dinosaur eggs that hatch in water or the new robot fad. However, these toys generally have only monetary value and quickly fade in a given time.

Despite the fact that some of these toys may be educational, most are highly expensive and have a limited shelf life. As well, many are not safe nor are they the ideal toy for babies. However, quality wooden toys have a lot more to offer and are the best for babies. In fact, wooden toys have a wide variety of benefits.

Encourages Creativity and Learning

Many specialists agree that the best toys to boost creativity are ones that encourage involvement. Unlike mechanical and electronic gadgets, wooden toys encourage your child to explore and play. In fact, many wooden toys help with motor coordination, problem solving, special awareness, color and shape recognition, hand-eye coordination and imaginative play. As well, wooden toys increase a child’s attention span while they spend hours of fun being creative.

More Cost Effective

Although many plastic toys are inexpensive, they are generally poorly made and break within a month or two. Wooden toys actually save money. They are very durable and can last a lifetime. Actually, well-kept wooden toys often become a legacy and are passed down to the next generation

Environmentally Friendly

Today, most of children’s toys are made from plastic. And with the so many environmental concerns, plastic toys are not the best option. As well, many plastics toys contain BPA, lead and other hazardous toxins. On the other hand, wooden toys are a much greener and sustainable alternative. Wood is natural and sustainable source. As well, wooden toys plus do not contain bisphenol A (BPA) or toxic paints and laquers.

Low Maintenance

Many of today’s toys are high maintenance. They either take a lot of time to put together or require constant care to keep clean. Moreover, many plastic toys lose their shape after a while and require fixing. On the contrary, wooden toys are very durable and easy to clean. simply wash down with a damp cloth to remove dirt or dust.

What is more, wooden toys that are dry have natural antibacterial properties that prevent bacteria from multiplying. To ensure that the toys stay free of bacteria, keep them clean and dry.

Amazing Product Lines and Brands for Kids That You Can Order Online

As you know, there is nothing more touching than the sparkle in a kid’s eye when they receive a special gift. As well, anticipating the excitement of when a kid opens their gift is part of the fun in giving. That’s why many gift givers try to find the perfect item for a special child. Therefore, it is quite helpful to buy from an online store that has amazing product lines and brands. In fact, getting a gift from a popular store like All Treasures will help bring a smile a child’s face.

Mass Selections and Variety

When it comes to selecting the ideal gift, it is nice to have a large selection of choices. In truth, toy selections should about varied selections – unique, personalized and numerous options. And of course, gifts for kids should be fun and surprising.


In addition to gifts and toys, it is also nice to find a site that carries other necessities. This makes shopping online so much easier, especially when the price is right. At All Tots Treasures you can find a variety of necessities that fit your budget such as nursery furniture, child’s deco clocks, cute night lights, hand painted children’s furniture like rockers and bookends, tables, chairs, stools, wall art, toy boxes and a wide range of adorable décor.

Fabulous Product Lines and Name Brands

All Tots Treasures offers a great array of fabulous product lines and popular name brands. In truth, if you are searching for a certain brand when you will most likely find it. In fact, All Tots Treasures carries about 138 popular kids’ brands that also have various product lines. Moreover, you can find top name brands for baby, kids, wooden toys, educational toys, playtime toys, arts and creativity, furniture and décor, personalized gifts, girls’ clothing, boys clothing and gift ideas. As well, you will discover a special “On Sale” section for name brands and product lines at discount prices.

Special Sector for Amazing Product Lines and Brands for Kids

If your life is extra busy but you value a heads up on the daily specials, All Tots Treasures has a newsletter that you can easily sign up for. The newsletter is free of cost and gives you the latest updates, special offers and discounts.

In addition, if you have a special birthday coming up, you can save money by joining the Birthday Chest. It is the ideal way to be reminded of an upcoming birthday. As well, when joining, you receive a $10 gift voucher for each child’s birthday.

Birthday Gifts and Ideas for Kids from All Tots Treasures Online Shop

Finding the perfect birthday gift for a little one can be quite the encounter. However, shopping online can make the experience stress-free and enjoyable. When shopping on the Internet you can avoid all the crowds, the hustle and bustle of traffic, sales pitches and dashing around everywhere. But at All Tots Treasures, you can relax and browse through the many gifts of unique treasures.

And if you are not sure what to buy for the birthday kid, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Best Sellers

Generally you cannot go wrong with a gift that is one best sellers list. In truth, most every kid loves them. A best seller is the ideal item when you cannot decide what to get.

EverEarth Bamboo Name Train

This is the perfect Eco friendly gift. Made from the finest sustainable bamboo and craftily designed to fit common train tracks such as Thomas the Tank Engine. It is a great personalized gift that makes it even more special. Simply spell out the child’s name and occasion like Happy Birthday, and allow the train to move around on the tracks for a wonderful display. Can pull all letters of the alphabet, has uppercase on one side and lowercase on the other side. The Name Train is priced according to letters in a name.
Suitable for kids 2+

Lisa Pollock – Kids Personalised Name Boards

This is a beautiful name board that adds pizzazz and brilliance to your kid’s room. It is a made-to-order name board that can be personalized to individual tastes. Choose from a wide variety of themes and colours like red or blue, farmer boy, jungle lion, jungle monkey and giraffe, purple butterfly, mermaid, horsey girl, pirate, skater boy and more.

EverEarth First Activity Cube

This is a five-in-one learning station that is fun and educational for all kids. It is great for developing hand-eye coordination, dexterity, spatial awareness, counting and sorting skills.

What is more, kids have hours of self-entertainment while at play. The design contain several different shapes that are perfect for tiny hands like sliding shapes, a peg board, elephant and giraffe tiles, threading beads along the metal loops plus counting and sorting on the rainbow abacus.
Suitable for 18months+

More Birthday Gift Ideas

Aside from the best sellers, there is an array of birthday gifts at All Tots Treasure that the kids will adore. Here are just a few more ideas:

Plan Toy-My First Camera: this toy is ideal for the creative child that loves to explore. It is a wooden camera that your child can point, focus and click. Great for kid’s age: 18+Months

O.B. Designs – DINGaRING: These are unique and unforgettable teething rings that bring smiles to both baby and adults. The teething ring is made of natural wood, has a gentle rattle and splendid soft plush toy body. It is CE certified and safety tested. Available designs include Bernie Bird, Frank Fox, Katie Cat, Keith Koala, Percy Panda, Moe Mouse and Sheryl Sheep.
Suitable for ages 0+

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Little Ones: In Store and Online Toys That You Can Order Ahead of Time

The best way to avoid the holiday rush is to shop early and order ahead of time. In fact, shopping early in the store or online for toys makes a stress-free experience. Moreover, there is a wealth of holiday gift ideas at your fingertips. And when shopping early, you can take your time browsing through the large variety of holiday gifts to find the perfect items.

New Babies

The perfect holiday gifts for new babies are ones that keep baby safe, warm and snuggly and are memorable.

The Baby Shusher – a “sleep miracle” for babies by stopping baby from crying with rhythmic “shush” sound.

Pram Pegs – keeps baby safe by holding the muslin attached to the pram and blocking the sun out of baby’s eyes.

BABYINK Inkless Printing Kit
–captures baby hands and footprints. Uses high-class technology to bring you baby or children’s feet and hand imprints in Colour.

Milestone Blocks – a unique gift that artfully documents milestones for pregnancy, newborn baby or even your older children.

Bamboo Dinner Set – Eco friendly and child safe children’s dishes. It comes with biodegradable bowl, plate, cup, spoon and fork.


Find holiday gift ideas for boys that are creative and fun plus educational. Select from indoor to outdoor toys, here are just a few ideas:

Cubebot Ninjas –hours of fun with durable wood limbs and flexible elastic-band muscles allowing different poses. Also stores easily into a perfect cube. Ninjabots are made from sustainable natural beech wood and water-based paints.

Binoculars by Discovery Kids – handy and fun 4x magnification binoculars that help kids see afar. Has a compact size for small hands, comfortable eyecups, 30mm objective lenses and break-away strap.

2 in 1 Super Shooter – features a table hockey game on one side and a pinball game on the other. Made with sustainable rubberwood and finished with non-toxic paints.


Most girls just love playing dress up and cook. Why not select from a wide variety of items that will make any princess feel extra special?

Bubba Chew Necklaces and Bracelets – come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. The jewellery is soft to the touch and not hard or sharp like other costume pieces. All are made from BPA free non-toxic food grade silicon.

Bunnykins 3 piece Melamine Dinner Set (Pink) – More fun for kids and less mess for mom. The set includes a durable plate, bowl and cup that are artfully decorated with playful bunnies. Also comes in blue and red.

Janod Picnik Duo Kitchen – a charming kitchen set that can also be a restaurant or breakfast bar. The set features an oven, stove top with ignition buttons, range hood, sink with hot and cold water taps and a side table.

All Tots Treasures Turns Three! Grab Our Birthday Deal: 10-Percent off When You Purchase In-Store and Online

All Tots Treasures is proud to announce that we turn three-years-old this year. In honour of this fact, we are offering a birthday deal of 10-percent off when you make a purchase in our store or online site. Please, do not delay, though, as this storewide sale lasts only until the second of October. Avail yourself of these sales, whether you are in search of clothes, toys or other merchandise. Just select your items and insert the coupon code of BDAYSALE10 during the checkout process to save money.

Examples of Our Merchandise

We carry a wide assortment of products that range from gift ideas to furniture and decor for children ages newborn through eight years. Below, we share with you five examples of our merchandise selection:

1. The Baby Shusher – The Sleep Miracle from our ‘Baby Shower Gift’ section makes the ideal gift for parents. It soothes a fussy baby through a doctor-approved, viable technique that produces a rhythmic ‘shushing’ sound. Parents can adjust the volume and select between 15 or 30 minutes with the timer control.

2. In our ‘Furniture & Decor’ section, you will find the Sunny Safari Rocking Chair from Fantasy Fields by Teamson provides a whimsical chair for a child’s room. The chair contains a happy zebra on the seat area and a cheeky monkey on the chair’s back. All paint is non-toxic and safe for children.

3. Bath Tub Twinklers are in our ‘For Baby’ section and includes three colourful bath toys, namely a fish, a turtle and a boat. All the toys contain mirrors that enable children to see their reflections to heighten their enjoyment in the tub. This selection is recommended for children one-year of age or older.

4. When you browse a bit further, you will discover our ‘For Kids’ section and the Bamboo Dinner Set from Bobo & Boo that comes in a variety of colours. These eco-friendly, plastic-free dishes are dishwasher safe and biodegradable. Each set contains a matching bowl, plate and cup along with cutlery.

5. You will find Dinosaur Figurines – DYO by Melissa and Doug in our ‘Arts & Creativity’ section. There are two solid-resin figurines that are ready to paint with the six different paint colours that also come in the box along with a paintbrush. One figurine is two-inches tall, and the other one is four-inches tall. The figurines are recommended for children eight years and older.

Traditional Wooden Toys Can Become Precious Collectibles

Today, we understand that children playing with traditional wooden toys learn how to expand their imaginations since they need to operate the toys by hand. They can make up stories and place the toys in all types of scenarios. Once the children outgrow playing with these toys, they can become precious collectibles to cherish throughout their lives since they hold up well over the years. Adults even have passed these collectibles on to their children to create family heirlooms out of them.

All Tots Treasures Carries Various Types of Traditional Wooden Toys

Our company of All Tots Treasures offers a wide assortment of the wooden toys to customers, including such ones as:

1. Bamboo Rocking Horse by EverEarth is a well-crafted wooden rocking toy that children can sit on to pretend as if they were riding an actual horse. Not only is it attractive and fun for children, but it also is durable enough to last down through other generations.

2. Purple Stegosauras Bamboo Dinosaur by EverEarth transports children back to prehistoric times when these giants roamed the earth. This selection is made with sustainable bamboo and non-toxic natural colours.

3. Passenger Train by Bigjigs is a wooden train and track set. The set includes one locomotive and three passenger carriages plus one piece of track that is 31-cm long.

4. Birthday Party Tea Time Tea Set by Djeco features two saucers and cups, two spoons, 2 tea bags, one kettle, a birthday cake, one tray and one sugar bowl. The colours in it are shades of pink, green, yellow and brown with floral patterns on a number of the pieces. Any little girl will adore holding tea parties with this set. Suitable for ages four to eight years.

5. Take-Along Tool Kit by Melissa and Doug contains 24 wooden pieces that include nails, tools, nuts, bolts and screws for hours of constructive, creative play. Suitable for ages three years and older.

6. 50 Blocks by Plan Toys includes 14 colour and 36 natural wooden blocks. With a combination of shapes, such as triangular, rectangular, cylindrical, square and plank ones, children can build all sorts of structures.

The above toys are a small sampling of the traditional wooden toys that we carry that can become precious collectibles. Browse through our entire line to learn about other selections. Our quality products are ideal for gifts for kids in a wide range of ages. You can order the products that fit your needs online for convenient shopping.

Benefits of Introducing Your Kids to Wooden Toys

Today, it seems that kids are overstimulated with the latest electronic gadget or computer game. And to top it off, most of these toys are not developmental or educational. What is more, electronic games seem to leave kids in a daze and make it hard for them to walk away.

But despite all the new electronic toys that flood the market, traditional wooden toys still remain a popular favorite with both children and adults. Plus, it is the wooden toys that have both recreational and educational benefits.


Wooden toys are generally made of very high quality and are less apt to break compared to other toys. In fact, many wooden toys last for generations and are often passed down in the family. The likelihood of your own child passing down the wooden toy to her children is quite high.

In truth, quality wooden toys are much more durable than the modern plastic toys. As well, wooden toys can withstand the rough play that infants and toddlers often dole out.


Because wooden toys are a lot more durable they have a less chance of breaking. Hence, less breakage drastically reduces the risk of your child swallowing parts of the toy. Moreover, the surface of a wooden toy is usually smoother than the modern toy. Thus, this feature lowers the risk of sharp edges which can cause a child to injure themselves.

Eco Friendly and Ecological

The ecological and Eco friendly benefits of quality wooden toys are indisputable. For one, wooden toys last a lot longer than plastic or electronic toys. And when anything last longer, it creates much less waste on the earth.
As well, most toy suppliers will craft handmade toys from sustainable wood like recycled trees. Moreover, many do not use the harmful dyes and chemicals that are found in most modern day toys.

Developmental and Educational

Whereas high-tech toys are amazingly good at entertaining and distracting children, they seldom have any opportunity for a child to develop. On the other hand, wooden toys are perfect for boosting the imagination and creative play in children. In effect, wooden toys are proficient at involving kids in play and assisting them in developing long-standing problem solving skills. Moreover, these learned skills will be used throughout a child’s life.

When compared to loud battery operated toys, wooden toys have a calming and peaceful effect. And if compared to electronic games, wooden toys are undoubtedly more serene. And when it comes to educational, wooden toys are by average a lot more academic than other toys. In fact, wooden toys can help foster many educational benefits:

• Spatial awareness
• Color and shape recognition
• Fine and gross motor skills
• Puzzling skills and problem solving
• Hand-eye development and co-ordination

Order Online: Prepare Your Baby Nursery with Baby Decor Items and Furniture

Preparing your baby’s nursery does not need to be demanding, expensive or flawless. While there are numerous things to decide on, they can all be uncomplicated and manageable. Most importantly, it is a time when stress should be minimalized. After all, you will soon be welcoming a baby into the home. In effect, it is essential that you perceive the creation of the nursery as an exciting creative endeavor. Avoid high demands and expectations. Have fun!

Stay Flexible

Instead of getting overwhelmed, it is easiest to start with the essentials. And if you can, plan the nursery as early as possible. In actuality, starting early will put you mind at ease about having too much to do. Also, keep in mind that there is no wrong way in designing a nursery just as long as it is safe and warm. In addition, the most important factors that will influence the nursery design are your budget, amount of time and the size of the room.

Moreover, never compromise safety. When designing and assembling, always make sure to consider the essentials of childproofing.


When decorating a nursery, it is very easy to get carried away financially. While many parents go all out on preparing a harmonized and attractive nursery, it is not really necessary. In fact, it is more important to make sure that everything is safe and secure. In point of fact, functionality should always be considered before beauty. Altogether, babies can be messy and generally have numerous accidents such as spitting up or soiling the sheets and rug.

Your best financial options are to invest in a sturdy and safe crib, soft blankets, comforters, sensory toys, wraps and pram pegs, soft toys and dolls, teething essentials and items for bath time.


Before buying furniture, it is recommended that you measure the room. Also, make sure to plan the layout. One of the best design layouts is to have the crib close to the entrance. That way you do not have to walk through the entire room to get to your little one. This also eliminates the chance of tripping over things in the middle of the night. In addition, never place the crib by anything that hangs such as drapes or curtains.

The changing table should be located near the crib. That way when the baby is wet, your little one does not have to be carried across the room.

Rocking chairs are best located near a window. Since you will be spending many hours rocking the baby, a view is a warm welcome. Also, the window should have curtains that keep out direct sunlight.

Storage is also important. Generally you will need at least two times more storage than you originally planned.
Frankly, babies accrue more things than you might think.

Aside from the basics like a crib and changing table, the nursery should include other items such as a light with a dimmer switch, a dresser, a few pictures, bedding, a baby monitor, diapers, burp cloths, several outfits, a few soft plush toys, receiving blankets, a couple of rattles, a mobile and a diaper disposal system or garbage.