Beneficial Wooden Building Blocks for Fun and Play

Construction toys such as blocks of wood have long been far more than toys when it comes to early learners. As young children play with wooden building blocks, they reap a number of benefits in an enjoyable manner such as the ones in the following information.

Playing with Blocks Improves the Fine Motor Skills 

As children manipulate the blocks into the right position, they perfect fine motor skills in their fingers, hands and arms along with their legs and feet if they are walking to place the blocks. In addition, they increase their eye-hand coordination.

Building with Wooden Blocks Encourages Creative and Imaginative Thinking

Building with wood blocks encourages imaginative and creative thinking in children. As they build castles, forts or other structures, they dream of being knights, cowboys, princesses and other types of adventurous characters. On top of this, they mentally plan activities for their characters to participate in and play out the scenarios. Play such as this may bring about future authors, actors or other creative people that society vitally needs.

Creating Structures with Blocks Helps Children Develop Self-Confidence

Children take pride in the structures they create with wooden building blocks. Through this pride and praise from their parents, they develop self-confidence in their abilities. Self-confidence help children succeed throughout their youth and adult years.

An Opportunity to Learn Teamwork Through Group Play

Playing with building blocks of wood creates an opportunity for children to learn teamwork with group projects. Your child along with his friends or other family members can work together to build structures with each person inputting his or her ideas. Children will gain an understanding of how much fun it is to share toys and work as a team to accomplish a common goal.

Wooden Blocks Can Help Teach Children Their Colours, Letters and Numbers

Typically, wood blocks for building come with colours, numbers, letters or a combination of all three on them. For this reason, children can learn to recognise different colours, identify numbers and even learn their letters in a fun, stress-free manner. They also go on to learn simple words or math problems depending on the blocks.

Children May Gain Puzzle-Solving Skills

Certain blocks contain pieces to a puzzle that the children need to solve to place the blocks together in the correct configuration. Through matching one piece with the right mates, a picture of a butterfly or other animal will result to the delight of the children.

All the above are reasons that playing with wooden building blocks is beneficial for children in the early-learning years. Here at All Tots Treasures, we provide a wide assortment of these blocks from which to make your selection.

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