Benefits of Introducing Your Kids to Wooden Toys

Today, it seems that kids are overstimulated with the latest electronic gadget or computer game. And to top it off, most of these toys are not developmental or educational. What is more, electronic games seem to leave kids in a daze and make it hard for them to walk away.

But despite all the new electronic toys that flood the market, traditional wooden toys still remain a popular favorite with both children and adults. Plus, it is the wooden toys that have both recreational and educational benefits.


Wooden toys are generally made of very high quality and are less apt to break compared to other toys. In fact, many wooden toys last for generations and are often passed down in the family. The likelihood of your own child passing down the wooden toy to her children is quite high.

In truth, quality wooden toys are much more durable than the modern plastic toys. As well, wooden toys can withstand the rough play that infants and toddlers often dole out.


Because wooden toys are a lot more durable they have a less chance of breaking. Hence, less breakage drastically reduces the risk of your child swallowing parts of the toy. Moreover, the surface of a wooden toy is usually smoother than the modern toy. Thus, this feature lowers the risk of sharp edges which can cause a child to injure themselves.

Eco Friendly and Ecological

The ecological and Eco friendly benefits of quality wooden toys are indisputable. For one, wooden toys last a lot longer than plastic or electronic toys. And when anything last longer, it creates much less waste on the earth.
As well, most toy suppliers will craft handmade toys from sustainable wood like recycled trees. Moreover, many do not use the harmful dyes and chemicals that are found in most modern day toys.

Developmental and Educational

Whereas high-tech toys are amazingly good at entertaining and distracting children, they seldom have any opportunity for a child to develop. On the other hand, wooden toys are perfect for boosting the imagination and creative play in children. In effect, wooden toys are proficient at involving kids in play and assisting them in developing long-standing problem solving skills. Moreover, these learned skills will be used throughout a child’s life.

When compared to loud battery operated toys, wooden toys have a calming and peaceful effect. And if compared to electronic games, wooden toys are undoubtedly more serene. And when it comes to educational, wooden toys are by average a lot more academic than other toys. In fact, wooden toys can help foster many educational benefits:

• Spatial awareness
• Color and shape recognition
• Fine and gross motor skills
• Puzzling skills and problem solving
• Hand-eye development and co-ordination

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