Dealing with Child Tantrums and How Toys Can Help

Young children who range from one to four years of age have not yet developed sufficient coping skills and this often leads to tantrums. Parents have the difficult task of teaching children how to move beyond the tantrums to become calm once again. We wish to explore in this information the challenges of dealing with child tantrums and how toys can help.

Stress Triggers Most Child Tantrums

Since young children cannot yet voice their frustrations to work through them calmly, the increased stress triggers a tantrum. Tantrums come in a number of different forms, including crying, throwing objects, and kicking and screaming on the floor. Controlling a child during this time is a challenge for parents. Most parents today desire a peaceful, non-violent method to deal with these tantrums and this is where toys come in useful.

Educational Toys Will Stimulate the Minds of Young Children

Educational toys will help to stimulate the mind of your child and help teach him or her various skills. When you buy age-appropriate ones, he or she may become fascinated with them rather than frustrated, which will lessen the risk of a temper fit or tantrum. In addition, if you play an active role in helping your child enjoy these toys, you are right there to catch the stress before it accumulates to the point the child feels a need to release it in a negative manner.

Use Toys to Divert the Attention of a Frustrated Child

You also can use toys to divert a child’s attention away from his or her tantrum. For example, start a puppet show of sorts with the child’s hand puppets. Before long, he or she will be laughing instead of pitching a tantrum.

A New Toy Will Capture the Focus of a Young Child

When you show your child a new toy in the midst of his or her frustration, it will capture his focus and may calm the situation. While this is similar to diverting his or her attention, something new will go beyond this and possibly occupy the child on a deeper level.

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