Educational And Fun Wooden Toys For Your Child

These days, children seem to be playing with tablets as soon as they are able to hold one. Devices like tablets can be really useful in helping children develop, but it’s important that children are exposed to a variety of different toys. This is especially the case when they are at the baby and toddler stage, as they are beginning to learn about colours, shapes and textures. In their first few years of life the toys that a child plays with help them to learn to walk and talk and to develop their motor skills.

If all that sounds a bit too serious then we need to point out that it’s really important not to forget the fun factor. If a child is laughing and enjoying themselves they are far more open to learning at the same time. Historically, wooden toys have played a big role in play and learning for young children, and that’s still the case today. We’re going to take a look at some of the toys you may want to consider buying for your child.

Wooden toys for children aged under two

Babies love colours and they love to make a noise. Here are some toys that feature both of these attributes and will help your baby learn while playing.

Everearth My First Multi Play Activity Cube

The Everearth My First Multi Play Activity Cube isn’t just one toy it’s five; there are five separate activities for little hands in this sturdy activity centre. Your little one can start learning to count with the brightly coloured beads of the counting frame and have loads of fun fitting the right shapes into the right holes.

Plan Toys Solid Drum

If you’ve got a budding Meg White in the family then buying them a drum is a really good idea. Suitable for children from the age of 19 months up, the Plan Toys Solid Drum isn’t going to cause fall outs with the neighbours. The sticks have rubber stoppers on the ends so the sound your little drummer boy or girl makes will be more pleasant than piercing.

Santoys Rainbow Blocks

The great thing about blocks is your child isn’t being told what to do with them. There are no rules to obey or gameplans to follow. Santoys Rainbow Blocks help unlock your child’s imagination. They can be used to create anything, from monsters, to clowns and cars.

Wooden toys for children aged two and over

As your child begins to get that little bit older they start to become more adventurous, both physically and mentally. You need to look out for wooden toys that will stretch your child, as well as keeping them entertained. Here are some suggestions you may want to check out.

Le Toy Van Toaster Set

Most children love playing make-believe. It helps to develop their imagination. Your child could have great fantasy breakfasts with their dolls and teddy bears using the Le Toy Van Toaster Set which consists of a play toaster, toast, butter, jam, knife and plate.

Cubebot Micro by Areaware

This pretty cool little toy gives children the fun of robotics without the actual robotics. In an age when everything seems to be about technology, it’s great to get back to basics, with a robot made of wood. The Cubebot Micro by Areaware can be poised in loads of different ways and has a hardwood frame coupled with elastic-band muscles. He’s just perfect for boisterous play. When playtime is over the robot just folds in to a tidy cube.

Janod Bricolo DIY Giant Magnetic Workbench

You’re never too young to start learning DIY, and this DIY play bench comes with its own clock too. This means your child can learn to tell the time as they make their own creations. The tools in the Janod Bricolo DIY Giant Magnetic Workbench set can be placed on the magnetized backboard and the wooden made bench can be adjusted for height, to suit all mini carpenters.

Each one of these toys is made from wood, not some modern form of technology. They are traditional toys, created for today’s children. Take a look at these wooden toys for young children and help your child to learn, have fun and expand their imagination.

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