New Toys for the Coming New Year: The Best Awe-Inspiring Gifts That You Can Give To Your Kids

Each year, toy trends change and this fact sends you, as parents, scrambling to provide your children with new toys to play with next year. Since the holidays are approaching, this is the ideal time to shop for awe-inspiring gifts for your kids that include the latest in toys. Luckily, All Tots Treasures has a wide assortment of items in our ‘What’s New’ section for your consideration. With the help of our website, you will finish your children’s holiday shopping quickly, and this will allow you time to relax before the festivities take place.

Examples of the Toys in Our ‘What’s New’ Section

1. Sunny Bunny Huggie by O.B. Designs will bring hours of hugs and comfort for all the children who are lucky enough to receive this stuffed bunny as a gift. From its head to its toes, the bunny measures 33 cm and its body is made of a super-plush fabric. The head contains soft stuffing while beads are in the legs, belly and arms.

2. The Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym by Skip Hop offers baby-safe entertainment for kids ages zero+. Gym includes a pillow that is ideal for tummy time and an activity mat with four soft arches, and these provide overhead activities including five hanging animals and 13 loops. The mat also provides tactile elements. As a result, your child will enjoy a multi-sensory experience with this gym.

3. Early Melodies Pound and Tap Bench by Hape Toys helps kids age one+ years develop their fine motor skills. It comes with a hammer bench, a hammer, a metal xylophone and three wooden balls. As the children make their music and sounds with this toy, they further develop their eye-hand coordination while delighting in the auditory and visual input.

4. How to Draw Kits by Tiger Tribe are available in different themes, such as Wild Kingdom for just one example. The kits come with an instruction book that illustrates each step for the children to take to draw their artwork in an ideal manner. In addition, the kit contains one draw book, a 50-page sketchpad, coloured pencils, one eraser and a pencil sharpener. Recommended for ages five+ years.

5. Juggling Balls by Professor Murphy’s will help older children learn how to mesmerise an audience with their juggling skills. This selection includes an easy-to-follow instruction book that offers 10 juggling tricks and three multi-coloured balls along with various techniques and tips. Recommended for ages eight+ years.

Remember to check out all of our offerings on our site when you browse through it to learn other new toys for the coming year along with a wide selection of other products. Delight your children this holiday season with gifts from All Tots Treasures.

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