Why Quality Wooden Toys are The Best for Babies

Each year there are new toys and games for play and education. Many of these items are characterized by complex plastic pieces or mechanical structures. There are also toys that have a specific purpose like dinosaur eggs that hatch in water or the new robot fad. However, these toys generally have only monetary value and quickly fade in a given time.

Despite the fact that some of these toys may be educational, most are highly expensive and have a limited shelf life. As well, many are not safe nor are they the ideal toy for babies. However, quality wooden toys have a lot more to offer and are the best for babies. In fact, wooden toys have a wide variety of benefits.

Encourages Creativity and Learning

Many specialists agree that the best toys to boost creativity are ones that encourage involvement. Unlike mechanical and electronic gadgets, wooden toys encourage your child to explore and play. In fact, many wooden toys help with motor coordination, problem solving, special awareness, color and shape recognition, hand-eye coordination and imaginative play. As well, wooden toys increase a child’s attention span while they spend hours of fun being creative.

More Cost Effective

Although many plastic toys are inexpensive, they are generally poorly made and break within a month or two. Wooden toys actually save money. They are very durable and can last a lifetime. Actually, well-kept wooden toys often become a legacy and are passed down to the next generation

Environmentally Friendly

Today, most of children’s toys are made from plastic. And with the so many environmental concerns, plastic toys are not the best option. As well, many plastics toys contain BPA, lead and other hazardous toxins. On the other hand, wooden toys are a much greener and sustainable alternative. Wood is natural and sustainable source. As well, wooden toys plus do not contain bisphenol A (BPA) or toxic paints and laquers.

Low Maintenance

Many of today’s toys are high maintenance. They either take a lot of time to put together or require constant care to keep clean. Moreover, many plastic toys lose their shape after a while and require fixing. On the contrary, wooden toys are very durable and easy to clean. simply wash down with a damp cloth to remove dirt or dust.

What is more, wooden toys that are dry have natural antibacterial properties that prevent bacteria from multiplying. To ensure that the toys stay free of bacteria, keep them clean and dry.

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