Shop Online for Wooden Toys: Best Choices You Can Have for Your Little Ones

When it came to selections, it used to be that wooden toys were very limited. But today, wood toys come in numerous varieties including traditional, classic and contemporary. As well, wooden toys are one of the most Eco friendly toys in the market. In fact, many of the toys are made with premium quality hardwood that can withstand many years of rough play

The great thing is, traditional wood toys are always popular. In truth, giving children wood games and toys has a world of fun and educational benefits.

Most Popular Types of Wood Games and Toys 

There are numerous types of wooden games and toys to select from. Some of the newer designs integrate elements of more modern games and toys. But many of the traditional toys still remain a child’s favorite. Some of the most popular games and toys are:

  • Board games
  • Pull alongs
  • Play houses
  • Building blocks
  • Princess train
  • Car transporter trains
  • WWood passenger trains
  • Activity block sets
  • Bench and Tool set
  • Musical instruments
  • Classic rocking horse

Educational Benefits 

Many wooden toys are designed to be educational such as multi-play activity cubes, puzzles, activity walkers, building blocks, carpenter’s workbench and more. As well, these toys can help with many developmental stages. Here are just a few of the benefits that these toys may help nurture:

  • Inventive play
  • Spatial awareness
  • A variety of motor skills
  • Shape and color identification
  • Problem solving and logical thinking skills
  • Hand-eye coordination development

Such as an activity block set may help teach a child how to balance, put shapes together and improve their motor skills. Another example is pull along toys which can be beneficial to toddlers. The wood toy may help with balance, special perception and various motor skills.

So, for example, a child playing with a simple set of wooden building bricks may learn about balance, shapes and may improve their fine motor skills as they build stuff. Put the bricks in a pull/push along cart and this may also help with their gross motor skills and help them learn balance and walk on their own.

More Advantages

Many pediatricians and parents agree that wood toys are a lot safer than modern ones. There are various reasons why the toys are considered safer- no toxic plastics or metals, wood is made from natural material, there are no tiny parts and they are quality made.

In addition, wood toys are Eco friendly. Since they are made from natural materials they can easily be recycled. As well, the wood can be reclaimed or upcycled (used for items) after years of long hard play.

Online Shopping

When it comes to finding a large selection of wooden toys your best option is to shop online. And one of the best places to shop online roe wooden toys is All Tots Treasures. In fact, there are hundreds of games and toys to choose from. And with quality construction and unbeatable price, you will have no trouble finding the perfect toy for your child.

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