Traditional Wooden Toys Can Become Precious Collectibles

Today, we understand that children playing with traditional wooden toys learn how to expand their imaginations since they need to operate the toys by hand. They can make up stories and place the toys in all types of scenarios. Once the children outgrow playing with these toys, they can become precious collectibles to cherish throughout their lives since they hold up well over the years. Adults even have passed these collectibles on to their children to create family heirlooms out of them.

All Tots Treasures Carries Various Types of Traditional Wooden Toys

Our company of All Tots Treasures offers a wide assortment of the wooden toys to customers, including such ones as:

1. Bamboo Rocking Horse by EverEarth is a well-crafted wooden rocking toy that children can sit on to pretend as if they were riding an actual horse. Not only is it attractive and fun for children, but it also is durable enough to last down through other generations.

2. Purple Stegosauras Bamboo Dinosaur by EverEarth transports children back to prehistoric times when these giants roamed the earth. This selection is made with sustainable bamboo and non-toxic natural colours.

3. Passenger Train by Bigjigs is a wooden train and track set. The set includes one locomotive and three passenger carriages plus one piece of track that is 31-cm long.

4. Birthday Party Tea Time Tea Set by Djeco features two saucers and cups, two spoons, 2 tea bags, one kettle, a birthday cake, one tray and one sugar bowl. The colours in it are shades of pink, green, yellow and brown with floral patterns on a number of the pieces. Any little girl will adore holding tea parties with this set. Suitable for ages four to eight years.

5. Take-Along Tool Kit by Melissa and Doug contains 24 wooden pieces that include nails, tools, nuts, bolts and screws for hours of constructive, creative play. Suitable for ages three years and older.

6. 50 Blocks by Plan Toys includes 14 colour and 36 natural wooden blocks. With a combination of shapes, such as triangular, rectangular, cylindrical, square and plank ones, children can build all sorts of structures.

The above toys are a small sampling of the traditional wooden toys that we carry that can become precious collectibles. Browse through our entire line to learn about other selections. Our quality products are ideal for gifts for kids in a wide range of ages. You can order the products that fit your needs online for convenient shopping.

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