Building and Stacking Toys

Our building and stacking toys have been designed to enable children to develop their cognitive skills and have fun at the same time. These magnetic building toys will entertain your mid for hours and enable him to have fun. We stock educational toys for children of all ages, so parents can be sure that they will find something suitable for their little one.

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Engino - Inventor Basic - 10 Models Set
ENGINO - INVENTOR BASIC - 10 MODELS SET The inventor basic 10 series has been developed for maxim..
$44.95 $24.50
Ex Tax: $22.27
Engino - Inventor Basic - 30 Models Set with Motor
ENGINO - INVENTOR BASIC - 30 MODELS SET WITH MOTOR The inventor basic 30 series has bee..
$99.95 $55.00
Ex Tax: $50.00
EverEarth - 50pc Building Block Set with Bucket
EVEREARTH - 50PC BUILDING BLOCK SET WITH BUCKET EverEarth® building blocks pack features 50 quali..
Ex Tax: $36.32
EverEarth - Stacking Clown
EVEREARTH - STACKING CLOWN The EverEarth Pyramid Stacking Clown  has 7 layered sta..
Ex Tax: $13.59
Hape - Crane Lift - Wooden Standing Crane
HAPE - CRANE LIFT Future builders put their imagination into play when erecting a construct..
Ex Tax: $68.14
I'm Toy - Deluxe Blocks Walker
I'M TOY - DELUXE BLOCKS WALKER A wooden walker features a sturdy walker fitted with 52 colorful p..
Ex Tax: $113.64
Indigo Jamm - Little Carpenters Bench
INDIGO JAMM - LITTLE CARPENTERS BENCH An attractive and colourful first work bench with 25 pieces..
Ex Tax: $122.64
Kaper Kidz - Construction Set 51 Pieces
KAPER KIDZ - CONSTRUCTION SET 51PCS 51 colourful pieces inside the round carry case. A variety of..
Ex Tax: $49.95
Kaper Kidz - Flying Saucer Playset
KAPER KIDZ - FLYING SAUCER PLAYSET When assembling this playset, adult assistance is required. Th..
Ex Tax: $57.23
Kaper Kidz - Wooden Magnetic Cargo Boat
KAPER KIDZ - WOODEN MAGNETIC CARGO BOAT The Wooden Magnetic Cargo Boat is a well designed boat at..
Ex Tax: $39.05
Melissa And Doug - Alphabet Nesting And Stacking Blocks
MELISSA AND DOUG - ALPHABET NESTING & STACKING Brightly colored animals and familiar objects ..
Ex Tax: $30.86
Melissa and Doug - Wooden Stacking Train
MELISSA AND DOUG - WOODEN STACKING TRAIN Wheeled carriages provide the bases for this wooden stac..
Ex Tax: $36.32
Neoformers Carnival Set 46 Pieces
NEOFORMERS CARNIVAL SET - 46 PIECE MAGNETIC BUILDING SET Magnetic construction is easy with ..
Ex Tax: $104.50
Plan Toys - 50 Blocks
PLAN TOYS - 50 BLOCKS Our Plan Toys set of 50 blocks is bound to encourage your little builder to..
Ex Tax: $31.77
Plan Toys - Castle Blocks
PLAN TOYS - CASTLE BLOCKS Wooden toys from Plan Toys are packed with tons of fun for kids of all ..
Ex Tax: $33.59
Plan Toys - Stacking Rocket
PLAN TOYS - STACKING ROCKET Build the rocket by stacking and matching the pieces, set the astrona..
Ex Tax: $31.77