Beautiful Gifts for Girls Aged 0 to 2

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a little girl, aged 0 to 2 years, we can assist you! We have compiled an adorable range of our best seller gifts for Little Girls for you.

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Carte Blanche - Blossom & Buds - Oh So Tweet Plock - Peach
CARTE BLANCHE - BLOSSOM & BUDS - OH SO TWEET PLOCK - PEACH Liven up nurseries and kids’ rooms..
$13.50 $10.00
Ex Tax: $9.09
Fred - Dinner Winner
FRED - DINNER WINNER Fun plates for kids from Fred means no more fusses at mealtime! Yes, this aw..
Ex Tax: $21.77
Hootkid - Girls - I'm Not Cold Beanie - Pink
HOOTKID - GIRLS - IM NOT COLD BEANIE - PINK Colour: Pink with white trim and top pompom This g..
$26.95 $10.00
Ex Tax: $9.09
Janod - ABC Walker
JANOD - ABC WALKER The ABC Walker from Janod is a gorgeous and colourful baby walker filled with ..
Ex Tax: $113.59
Jellycat Bashful Bunny Medium - Blossom Beige
JELLYCAT BASHFUL BUNNY - MEDIUM - BLOSSOM BEIGE Beautiful gender neutral beige colour with pink f..
Ex Tax: $31.77
Kaper Kidz - Bee Music Box
KAPER KIDZ - BEE MUSIC BOX A gorgeous Bee wooden music box. The bees are magnetic and they w..
Ex Tax: $25.41
Kaper Kidz - Ladybird Music Box
KAPER KIDZ - LADYBIRD MUSIC BOX Watch the two cute ladybirds dance around on this wooden music bo..
Ex Tax: $25.41
Kaper Kidz - Owl Music Box
KAPER KIDZ - OWL MUSIC BOX A gorgeous owl wooden music box. The owls are magnetic and they will s..
Ex Tax: $25.41
Kaper Kidz - Wooden Fruit Set in Carry Case
KAPER KIDZ - WOODEN FRUIT SET IN CARRY CASE This gorgeous wooden set comes with 11 pieces of frui..
Ex Tax: $25.36
Lil Fairy Door - Red
LIL FAIRY DOOR - RED Invite the Fairies into your home Attach your special 'lil Fairy Door low..
Ex Tax: $32.73
Milky - Baby Girl - Flower Romper
MILKY - BABY GIRL - FLOWER ROMPER The adorable Milky Flower Romper is super cute short-sleeved ro..
Ex Tax: $31.77
Milky - Baby Girl - Love Bubbysuit
MILKY - BABY GIRL - LOVE BUBBYSUIT The adorable Milky Love Bubbysuit is super cute short-sleeved ..
$26.95 $15.00
Ex Tax: $13.64
Milky - Baby Girl - Meow Pyjamas
MILKY - BABY GIRL - MEOW PYJAMAS Bring out the summer freshness in your little girl, with these a..
$29.95 $20.00
Ex Tax: $18.18
Plan Toys - Concertina
PLAN TOYS - CONCERTINA This musical instrument not only produces a nice tone to create melodies, ..
Ex Tax: $36.32
Plan Toys - My First Camera
PLAN TOYS - MY FIRST CAMERA Your children will adore this wooden Camera by Plan Toys! Get pict..
Ex Tax: $20.86
Plan Toys - Rainbow Alligator
PLAN TOYS - RAINBOW ALLIGATOR This old favourite and well loved pull along rainbow alligator..
Ex Tax: $30.86
Plan Toys - Solid Drum
PLAN TOYS - SOLID DRUM This solid wooden drum by Plan Toys is a best seller and favoured child's ..
Ex Tax: $40.86
Tiger Tribe - Baby Rag Doll - Emily
TIGER TRIBE - BABY RAG DOLL - EMILY Baby Emily is super soft and loves cuddles! With her pretty c..
Ex Tax: $36.36
Tiger Tribe - Medium Jewellery Box - Rainbow Hills
TIGER TRIBE - MEDIUM JEWELLERY BOX - RAINBOW HILLS A first jewellery box to be treasured forever!..
Ex Tax: $27.23
Tiger Tribe - Mini Rag Doll - Elsie
TIGER TRIBE - MINI RAG DOLL - ELSIE Welcome to Elsie! With her gorgeous long brown plaits and bri..
Ex Tax: $18.18
Tiger Tribe - Mini Rag Doll - Mae
TIGER TRIBE - MINI RAG DOLL - MAE Welcome to Mae! With her super cute brown pigtails and blue flo..
Ex Tax: $18.18
Tiger Tribe - Vintage Tea Set - Rainbow Hills
TIGER TRIBE - VINTAGE TEA SET - RAINBOW HILLS Just tea for two and two for tea.. The perfect g..
Ex Tax: $36.32