Kitchen & Pretend Play for Kids

Buy adorable kitchen sets and pretend play toys for your little princess and we guarantee that she will be delighted. All Tots Treasures sells beautiful wooden kitchen sets for kids at affordable prices. Browse through our unique collection of pretend play toys for toddlers and young kids and choose the perfect gift for your little angel.

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Green Toys - Stacking Cups
GREEN TOYS - STACKING CUPS The Six graduated Stacking Cups from Green Toys is the perfect toy for..
Ex Tax: $22.68
Green Toys - Tea Set 15pc
GREEN TOYS - TEA SET 15PC Brewing an imaginary pot of tea is a really good thing for the earth wh..
Ex Tax: $54.50
Hape - Doctor On Call
HAPE - DOCTOR ON CALL This kit has just what the doctor ordered for some pretend feel better fun...
Ex Tax: $36.32
Hape - Healthy Gourmet Pita Pocket
HAPE - HEALTHY GOURMET PITA POCKET   Pita Pocket Lunch is a tasty menu item packed wit..
$27.95 $15.00
Ex Tax: $13.64
Hape - Rock-A-Bye Baby Cradle
HAPE - ROCK-A-BYE BABY CRADLE Rock "dolly" to sleep in this sturdy cradle. Imagination & Crea..
Ex Tax: $63.59
I'm Toy - Breakfast Set
I'M TOY - BREAKFAST SET Little chefs will enjoy serving breakfast in style with these beautiful w..
Ex Tax: $36.32
Janod - Maxi Kitchen & Accessories - Pink
JANOD - MAXI KITCHEN & ACCESSORIES - PINK This beautifully coloured Pink Wooden Kitchen inclu..
$199.95 $150.00
Ex Tax: $136.36
Kaper Kidz - Wooden BBQ Set in Tin Case
KAPER KIDZ - WOODEN BBQ SET IN TIN CASE If your child loves pretend play with wooden food, they w..
Ex Tax: $25.36
Kaper Kidz - Wooden Fruit Set in Carry Case
KAPER KIDZ - WOODEN FRUIT SET IN CARRY CASE This gorgeous wooden set comes with 11 pieces of frui..
Ex Tax: $25.36
KidKraft - Deluxe Big and Bright Kitchen
KidKraft Deluxe Big & Bright Kitchen Kids will feel just like mum and dad when they cook up f..
Ex Tax: $290.91
KidKraft - Large Pastel Kitchen
KidKraft Large Pastel Kitchen Bon appétit! It’s time to cook up some creativity with our classic ..
Ex Tax: $290.91
KidKraft - Pink Vintage Kitchen
KidKraft - Pink Vintage Kitchen Bon Appétit! Our Vintage Kitchen in Pink lets kids pretend they a..
Ex Tax: $226.36
KidKraft - Pirates Cove Play Set
KidKraft - Pirates Cove Play Set Ahoy, matey! Our Pirates Cove Play Set is perfect for any of the..
Ex Tax: $217.27
KidKraft - Red Vintage Kitchen
KidKraft - Red Vintage Kitchen Young chefs are sure to love cooking up fun with our adorable Red ..
Ex Tax: $226.36
KidKraft - Uptown Espresso Kitchen
KidKraft - Uptown Espresso Kitchen Time to cook up a little fun! Our Uptown Espresso Kitchen has ..
Ex Tax: $262.73
KidKraft - White Vintage Kitchen
KidKraft - White Vintage Kitchen Bon Appétit! Our Vintage Kitchen in White lets kids pretend they..
Ex Tax: $226.36
Le Toy Van - Apron & Utensils Set
LE TOY VAN - APRON & UTENSILS SET The Honeybake Apron and Utensil Set comes complete wit..
Ex Tax: $29.95
Le Toy Van - Biscuit & Plate Set
LE TOY VAN - BISCUIT & PLATE SET This pretty plate of delicious biscuits will inspire lots of..
Ex Tax: $27.23
Le Toy Van - Blender Set 'Fruit & Smooth'
LE TOY VAN - BLENDER SET 'FRUIT & SMOOTH' Your children will love this amazing, comprehensive..
Ex Tax: $59.05
Le Toy Van - Bunny with Guinea Pig
LE TOY VAN - BUNNY & GUINEA PIG Teach your child about the value of caring for pets with this..
Ex Tax: $16.32
Le Toy Van - Carlo's Gelato
LE TOY VAN - CARLO'S GELATO This delightful and vibrant wooden gelato set by Le Toy Van set is pe..
Ex Tax: $31.77
Le Toy Van - Cash Register
LE TOY VAN - CASH REGISTER Kerching! This brightly painted wooden cash register is ideal for imag..
Ex Tax: $45.41
Le Toy Van - Chococcino Wooden Cafe Machine
LE TOY VAN - CHOCOCCINO MACHINE This stylish and fun Chococcino Machine will be a welcome additio..
Ex Tax: $49.96
Le Toy Van - Chocolate Gateau Cake
LE TOY VAN - CHOCOLATE CAKE Your child will love this adorable wooden Chocolate Cake set, finishe..
Ex Tax: $25.41
Le Toy Van - Doctor's Set
LE TOY VAN - DOCTOR'S SET   Doctor Doctor ! A vintage style, child sized, fabric Doctor's..
Ex Tax: $63.59
Le Toy Van - Make and Bake Kitchen Accessory Pack
LE TOY VAN - MAKE & BAKE KITCHEN ACCESSORY PACK It's time to bake some cakes! This sweet baki..
Ex Tax: $18.14
Le Toy Van - Mixer Set
LE TOY VAN - MIXER SET Prepare for the bake-off with this Honeybake Mixer with detatchable bowl!&..
Ex Tax: $59.05
Le Toy Van - Red Dotty Kettle
LE TOY VAN - DOTTY KETTLE The adorable Honeybake Dotty Kettle is the perfect addition t..
Ex Tax: $25.41
Le Toy Van - Toaster Set
LE TOY VAN - TOASTER SET Toast anyone! Your kids will love this adorable, spring loaded, pop..
Ex Tax: $45.41
Le Toy Van - Vanilla Birthday Cake
LE TOY VAN - VANILLA BIRTHDAY CAKE Happy Birthday to You!! Your child will love this beautiful..
Ex Tax: $25.41