Kitchen & Pretend Play for Kids

Buy adorable kitchen sets and pretend play toys for your little princess and we guarantee that she will be delighted. All Tots Treasures sells beautiful wooden kitchen sets for kids at affordable prices. Browse through our unique collection of pretend play toys for toddlers and young kids and choose the perfect gift for your little angel.

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Dear Little Letterbox - Blue
DEAR LITTLE LETTERBOX - BLUE Your Blue Dear Little Letterbox comes lovingly packaged with a notep..
Ex Tax: $40.86
Dear Little Letterbox - Pink
DEAR LITTLE LETTERBOX - PINK Your Pink Dear Little Letterbox comes lovingly packaged with a notep..
Ex Tax: $44.50
Dear Little Letterbox - Red
DEAR LITTLE LETTERBOX - RED Your Red Dear Little Letterbox comes lovingly packaged with a notepad..
Ex Tax: $44.50
Dear Little Mailbox - Blue
DEAR LITTLE MAILBOX - BLUE Your Dear Little Mailbox comes lovingly packaged with a notepad, colou..
Ex Tax: $40.86
EverEarth - Organic Fruit & Veg Cart
EVEREARTH - ORGANIC FRUIT & VEG CART The organic fruit and vegetable cart comes with eve..
$139.95 $99.00
Ex Tax: $90.00
EverEarth - Table Top Fruit Stand
EVEREARTH - TABLE TOP FRUIT STAND The EverEarth Table Top Fruit stands assists kids to play shop:..
$99.95 $80.00
Ex Tax: $72.73
Green Toys - Chef Set
GREEN TOYS - CHEF SET Aspiring gourmets can create a taste bud-tingling meal with the Green ..
Ex Tax: $27.23
Green Toys - Dish Set
GREEN TOYS - DISH SET It’s dinnertime with the world’s most environmentally friendly dish set! Th..
Ex Tax: $41.77
Green Toys - Stacking Cups
GREEN TOYS - STACKING CUPS The Six graduated Stacking Cups from Green Toys is the perfect toy for..
Ex Tax: $22.68
Green Toys - Tea Set 15pc
GREEN TOYS - TEA SET 15PC Brewing an imaginary pot of tea is a really good thing for the earth wh..
Ex Tax: $54.50
Hape - Baby Changing Table
HAPE - BABY CHANGING TABLE A table just like yours encourages everyday role play Imagination &..
Ex Tax: $63.59
Hape - Baby Highchair
HAPE - BABY HIGHCHAIR This mini highchair encourages dolls to sit up straight and eat their food...
Ex Tax: $59.05
Hape - Baby Stroller
HAPE - BABY STROLLER This classic stroller lets your child take "dolly" for a walk around the blo..
Ex Tax: $63.59
Hape - Caucasian Doll Family Set Of 6
HAPE - CAUCASIAN DOLL FAMILY SET OF 6 Who's in your family? Foster intercultural understanding an..
Ex Tax: $31.77
Hape - Cook n Serve Kitchen
HAPE - COOK N SERVE KITCHEN Small space wooden kitchen has a pull out counter and an extra shelf...
Ex Tax: $218.14
Hape - Doctor On Call
HAPE - DOCTOR ON CALL This kit has just what the doctor ordered for some pretend feel better fun...
Ex Tax: $36.32
Hape - Fresh Food Market Cash Register
HAPE - FRESH FOOD MARKET CASH REGISTER The Hape Cash Register is a quality crafted wooden cash re..
Ex Tax: $45.36
Hape - Gourmet Grill with Food
HAPE - GOURMET GRILL WITH FOOD It's Barbecue time! Sizzle up some delicious imagination with this..
Ex Tax: $163.59
Hape - Healthy Gourmet Pita Pocket
HAPE - HEALTHY GOURMET PITA POCKET   Pita Pocket Lunch is a tasty menu item packed wit..
$27.95 $25.00
Ex Tax: $22.73
Hape - Homemade Pizza
HAPE - HOMEMADE PIZZA Extra cheese? Hold the peppers! Kids can make their favourite meal any..
Ex Tax: $31.77
Hape - Indoor Outdoor Cooktop
HAPE - INDOOR OUTDOOR COOKTOP Wood Cook up a storm at the campsite or in the kitchen with Ha..
Ex Tax: $54.50
Hape - Kitchen Accessories
HAPE - KITCHEN ACCESSORIES Beautifully crafted from natural wood. Combine with any Hape kitchen o..
Ex Tax: $36.32
Hape - Rock-A-Bye Baby Cradle
HAPE - ROCK-A-BYE BABY CRADLE Rock "dolly" to sleep in this sturdy cradle. Imagination & Crea..
Ex Tax: $63.59
I'm Toy - Breakfast Set
I'M TOY - BREAKFAST SET Little chefs will enjoy serving breakfast in style with these beautiful w..
Ex Tax: $36.32
I'm Toy - Salad Set
I'M TOY - SALAD SET Salads anyone? This fresh and healthy wooden salad set from I'm Toy will..
Ex Tax: $40.86
Indigo Jamm - Hearts Cot - Dolls Rocking Cradle
INDIGO JAMM - HEARTS COT Children will love rocking their babies to sleep in this Wooden Rocking ..
$105.00 $89.00
Ex Tax: $80.91
Janod - Maxi Kitchen & Accessories - Pink
JANOD - MAXI KITCHEN & ACCESSORIES - PINK This beautifully coloured Pink Wooden Kitchen inclu..
$199.95 $180.00
Ex Tax: $163.64
Kaper Kidz - Wooden BBQ Set in Tin Case
KAPER KIDZ - WOODEN BBQ SET IN TIN CASE If your child loves pretend play with wooden food, they w..
Ex Tax: $25.36
Kaper Kidz - Wooden Fruit Set in Carry Case
KAPER KIDZ - WOODEN FRUIT SET IN CARRY CASE This gorgeous wooden set comes with 11 pieces of frui..
Ex Tax: $25.36
Kaper Kidz - Wooden Sweet Set in Tin Case
KAPER KIDZ - WOODEN SWEET SET IN TIN CASE If your child loves pretend play with wooden food, they..
Ex Tax: $25.36