Wooden Musical Toys

Help your child develop a musical ear from an early age with our unique collection of musical toys made from the highest quality wood. Our musical toys include xylophones, harmonica, castanets, drums and tambourine sets for kids and toddlers. We can guarantee that all products are designed with the kids’ safety in mind. 

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EverEarth - Flip Over Triangle Musical Set
EVEREARTH - FLIP OVER TRIANGLE MUSICAL SET Unleash their inner musician with this wooden toy offe..
Ex Tax: $34.50
Hape - Beaded Raindrops Blue
HAPE - BEADED RAINDROPS BLUE Turn this rain maker over and stimulate senses with vibrant tricklin..
Ex Tax: $18.14
Hape - Early Melodies Pound and Tap Bench
HAPE - EARLY MELODIES POUND AND TAP BENCH Beautifully constructed from wood and metal, this combi..
Ex Tax: $40.86
Hape - Early Melodies Rhythm Set
HAPE - EARLY MELODIES RHYTHM SET Give your budding musician's rhythm skills a workout with this w..
Ex Tax: $15.41
Hape - Mighty Mini Band
HAPE - MIGHTY MINI BAND The Hape Mighty Mini Band is brightly coloured and ideal for a budding mu..
Ex Tax: $54.50
Hape - Penguin Musical Wobbler
HAPE - PENGUIN MUSICAL WOBBLER With the Penguin Musical Wobbler, children can experience sound an..
Ex Tax: $18.14
I'm Toy - Melody Mix - Children's Musical Activity Set
I'M TOY - MELODY MIX Melody Mix is an activity toy that comes with 10 music instruments : xylopho..
Ex Tax: $86.36
Janod - Confetti Musical Set
JANOD - CONFETTI MUSICAL SET One of the many amazing and stylish musical toys from the Janod Conf..
$47.95 $35.00
Ex Tax: $31.82
Kaper Kidz - Bee 7 Piece Musical Set
KAPER KIDZ - BEE 7PC MUSICAL SET A great Selection of musical instruments. Each Box consists of, ..
Ex Tax: $49.95
Kaper Kidz - Bee Music Box
KAPER KIDZ - BEE MUSIC BOX A gorgeous Bee wooden music box. The bees are magnetic and they w..
Ex Tax: $25.41
Kaper Kidz - Large Star Maraca & Bell Stick
KAPER KIDZ - LARGE STAR MARACA & BELL STICK A beautifully made and designed star themed ..
Ex Tax: $14.50
Kaper Kidz - Mini Maracas
KAPER KIDZ - MINI MARACAS These adorable maracas are a great gift for your music loving kids! ..
Ex Tax: $4.09
Kaper Kidz - Mixed Wooden Castanets
KAPER KIDZ - MIXED WOODEN CASTANETS These adorable wooden musical castanets by Kaper Kidz are the..
Ex Tax: $3.59
Kaper Kidz - Owl Music Box
KAPER KIDZ - OWL MUSIC BOX A gorgeous owl wooden music box. The owls are magnetic and they will s..
Ex Tax: $25.41
Kaper Kidz - Small Bee Maraca & Bell Stick Set
KAPER KIDZ - SMALL BEE MARACA & BELL STICK Introduce your child to music in a fun and easy wa..
Ex Tax: $11.77
Kaper Kidz - Star 7 Piece Musical Set
KAPER KIDZ - STAR 7PC MUSICAL SET A great selection of musical instruments. Each box consists of,..
Ex Tax: $49.95
Plan Toys - Clatter
PLAN TOYS - CLATTER Click-clack. Click-clack. The Clatter makes a playful sound that goes from a ..
Ex Tax: $27.23
Plan Toys - Oval Wooden Xylophone
PLAN TOYS - OVAL WOODEN XYLOPHONE This beautiful Oval shaped wooden xylophone is perfect for earl..
Ex Tax: $36.32
Plan Toys - Solid Drum
PLAN TOYS - SOLID DRUM This solid wooden drum by Plan Toys is a best seller and favoured child's ..
Ex Tax: $40.86